Urestone (5)

Q. What is this product made of?

A. URESTONE products are manufactured utilizing a “Dual Layer Composite” system comprised of a high impact resistant layer followed

by a medium density polyurethane foam.

Q. Is this product durable?

A. Yes, URESTONE is manufactured utilizing the dual layered technology that results in a hard solid surface that is durable and damage

resistant even from a “weed-eater” or other types of normal landscaping tools.

Q. Is this product moisture resistant?

A. Yes, Polyurethane is a closed cell product and will not allow moisture to penetrate the panel even after the panel is cut for a perfect


Q. Can I install this product myself?

A. Yes, anyone can handle these light weight panels. Utilizing standard carpenter tools just a few easy to use tools such as: a cordless

drill (screwdriver), a circular saw (skill saw) with a wood blade (fine tooth is suggested), a caulking gun, and safety glasses. (For

detailed installation instructions see the Technical Section of this binder or visit our website: www.urestonepanels.com

Q. Is this product considered green?

A. Yes, the US Building Council has determined that our processes are producing a “green” product.

Q. Are these panels fire rated?

A. Our products are available in a standard version and a Fire-Retardant version. The Fire-Retardant version would take longer to ship.

Our standard products can be installed around a fireplace with proper set back and non-synthetic trim. See the installation instructions

contained in Technical Information section of this binder or visit our website www.urestonepanels.com for further installation


Q. How long will it take me to receive my products?

A. Urestone Panels are manufactured in St. Louis, MO and most orders can be fulfilled within 7 – 10 business days. However, larger

projects and custom products will extend the lead times. Please check with your local Distributor or Replications Unlimited for ETA’s

on these types of orders.

Q. How many different sizes do the Urestone Panels come in?

A. URESTONE is produced in two (2) different sizes. Our largest panel is 4’ x 8’ (the largest panel in the industry) and we produce a

smaller panel that is 2’ x 4’. Which panel size is best for your project depends on the square foot size of the project, which panel fits the

project configuration and shipping method. All of the panel sizes can be viewed online at www.urestonepanels.com

Q. How many styles & colors are available in the Urestone panels?

A. Currently there are three (4) main styles of stone panels: 1) Ledge Stone; 2) Stacked Stone; 3) Castle Stone; 4)Brick Also available

is split-faced concrete pattern, and a barn wood lap siding pattern. There are currently six (6) different colors available in the stone, to

view online, visit our website: www.urestonepanels.com . New patterns and sizes are in the works.

Q. Does Urestone Panels come with a warranty?

A. Yes, the URESTONE Panels do have a five (5) year limited. The warranty and other information can be viewed online at www.urestonepanels.


Q. Can I request samples to ensure that I am satisfied with the color and style?

A. Yes, you can acquire samples by contacting us online at www.urestonepanels.com

Q. How much do these panels weigh?

A. The panels are light weight and easy to handle. Polyurethane panels typically weigh approximately 1 - 1.5 lb. per square foot depending

on style. Therefore, our 4’ x 8’ panels weigh approximately 32-40 lbs. while our smaller 2’ x 4’ panels weigh approximately 8

- 10 lbs.



Urestone panels are manufactured using the highest quality polyurethane foam products that when manufactured under strict guidelines

and procedures produce a truly unique product that is both aesthetically beautiful and durable.

Q. Can Urestone Panels be used for exterior projects and applications?

A. Yes, URESTONE Panels are perfect for exterior applications. Unlike competitive synthetic stone system, the dual layer technology

provides good impact resistance to the surface and the panels resistant to damage by weed trimmers. Also the coloring system is

designed for long term appearance. Urestone is perfect for wainscot, accent walls, or even entire home coverage. And with the R value

of R4-5, your home will be insulated even better!

Q. Is it necessary to use the caulk?

A. No it’s not necessary but it is recommended especially for exterior application. The joint seams, and the screw heads will totally

disappear by using the caulking. Plus if you trim the panel to fit, it is makes a nice termination into the trim. Caulking will provide the

authentic look of stone work and seals the seams from water intrusion.

Q. Can Urestone Panels be used for interior projects and applications?

A. Yes, they are perfect for a fireplace surround, backsplash in the kitchen, wet bar wrap, wine cellar, accent walls, etc… These panels

are truly versatile enough to be use on countless surfaces and projects.

Q. Do the URESTONE Panels have accessories?

A. Yes, Urestone has ledgers (or cap stones), corner quoins, outlet covers, electrical & water covers, and window & door trim. Urestone

also has caulking and paint touch up kits to really complete a project.

Q. Where can URESTONE Panels be purchased?

A. Go online at www.urestonepanles.com and click on the where to purchase link: then enter the information (zip code) for your area

and determine the closest dealer distributor in your market.

Q. Are there any special tools or skill required?

A. No, simple woodworking tools are required. Only a cordless drill, jigsaw, circular saw or hand saw, rubber mallet is needed. Anyone

even with minimum skills can easily install these panels. Visit www.urestonepanels.com for details instructions and an installation


Q. Can URESTONE Panels be repaired if damaged?

A. Urestone Panels are finished with an extremely hard coat (the hardest in the industry); however, if they are damaged, yes they can be

repaired simply by ordering some textured caulk and our touch up paint kit.

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In today's economy its important to get a job done quickly  cost effectively, and all while using a quality, durable product. Our wainscot panels can help you do just that. These panels vary between 36"- 42" in height and 96" in width and feature a built in top ledger. Click on the links below to view detailed information.

faux brick wainscot
DP 2700 Brick Wainscot DP 2710 Limestone Wainscot
faux stone wainscot
DP 2720 Virginia Stackedstone Wainscot DP 2730 Ledgestone Wainscot

These panels can be used by themselves as a simple stone/brick accent piece, or they can be combined with other products to provide a number of different looks.



 The Urestone wainscot series is a quick and easy way to upgrade the appearance of any commercial building, new or existing.








For new construction the wainscot panels are an excellent way to quickly cover the exposed concrete foundation of a new home or can be quickly used to give some curb appeal to an existing home.


  • No load engineering required
  • Install it with your mdular or metal building contractor staff - no masons required
  • Large 8 ft long panels allow for fast installation
  • Designed for new and remedial applications
  • Installs in any weather or climate
  • Dramatically upgrades aesthetic appearance
  • Provides installation value







Our Ledgestone pattern is one of our most popular textures that we offer. The large pattern adds an instant classy rustic feel to any project.

Use our Urestone Faux Stacked Stone Panels to create a modern design any wall. Whether you're a Designer or a do it-yourselfer, our panels can save you both time and labor costs on your next project!

Urestone Panel Series